Oh Canada, our home and native land…

On October 11, 2012, a new business opened on Greenwood Ave with a name unusual enough to cause the curious to poke a head in the door to see what is inside. Welcome to the "Angry Beaver"!  

The new owner, Tim Pipes, and his Manager, Adam Houghton, are natives of Canada and rabid hockey fans. Tim's goal is to create a Sports Bar/Eatery with a hockey flavor. The Beaver is the National Animal of Canada, and hockey players are well known as rough, mean and feisty. Thus the name "Angry Beaver" was born. Watch out for flying hockey pucks!

The pub will feature a varied menu of all-fresh, homemade foods featuring Halibut and Chips, beef roasts, salads, and a Canadian traditional dish called Poutine, which is made from French Fries covered with gravy and cheese. Tim says the natives up North love it. Another feature of the establishment is a bar specializing in Canadian whiskey.

Tim and his staff will welcome you at 8412 – Greenwood Ave N.




Posted on November 30, 2012 at 10:29 pm
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