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Hacked By RxR HaCkEr

Posted on December 11, 2012 at 9:08 pm
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Bottoms Up!

Walk through the doors at the corner of Greenwood Avenue and 74th St, and you will be delighted to be in one of Phinney/Greenwood’s favorite pubs, the 74th Street Ale House. Manager Charlie Hutchinson and his friendly staff will welcome you and offer you a great time in dining, or enjoying your choice from their wide selection of local brews.

The food at the 74th St. is anything but ordinary “Pub Grub”. You will find homemade soups, fresh salads and some of their most popular dishes: Rueben and Chicken Breast sandwiches, and authentic New Orleans Gumbo (secret recipe, of course) concocted in their own kitchen by a chef sworn to secrecy!.

Every Wednesday is “Cask Wednesday” at the Ale House.  At 5:00, a cask of naturally fermented local beer is placed on the counter where customers can enjoy a special brew. Bottoms Up!  

The 74th St. is a big favorite with locals, and more and more people are discovering it all the time. Charlie is a resident of Phinney Ridge, and has successfully managed the Pub since 1991. The owners, Jeff Eagen and Jeff Reich have backgrounds in England and originally fashioned the Ale House in English Pub style.  Many of those features still exist today, at 7401-Greenwood Ave N., Tel: 206-784-2955

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Oh Canada, our home and native land…

On October 11, 2012, a new business opened on Greenwood Ave with a name unusual enough to cause the curious to poke a head in the door to see what is inside. Welcome to the "Angry Beaver"!  

The new owner, Tim Pipes, and his Manager, Adam Houghton, are natives of Canada and rabid hockey fans. Tim's goal is to create a Sports Bar/Eatery with a hockey flavor. The Beaver is the National Animal of Canada, and hockey players are well known as rough, mean and feisty. Thus the name "Angry Beaver" was born. Watch out for flying hockey pucks!

The pub will feature a varied menu of all-fresh, homemade foods featuring Halibut and Chips, beef roasts, salads, and a Canadian traditional dish called Poutine, which is made from French Fries covered with gravy and cheese. Tim says the natives up North love it. Another feature of the establishment is a bar specializing in Canadian whiskey.

Tim and his staff will welcome you at 8412 – Greenwood Ave N.




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Ken’s is a Ten

A true landmark on Greenwood Ave N. is Ken’s Market. For more than six decades, under a couple of name and ownership changes, the store has stood the test of time, and continues to grow and prosper.

Ken Giles grew up in the Greenwood/Phinney area and got his first taste of the grocery business at the age of 13, when he worked at his uncle Erickson’s Market at 87th and Fremont. A passion for the business was born.  Ken bought his store in 1955 and renamed it Ken Gile’s IGA. Later, the name was changed to Ken’s Market, as it is known today.

As Ken neared retirement age, he turned ownership over to his three sons and his son-in-law, who operate the store today. In early 2011, the Giles family expanded their store to double its size and did a complete remodel. Today, shoppers can enjoy a bright, modern market boasting a fabulous deli, fresh meats, a large selection of wines, and a spacious and tempting produce section – all under the roof of a very  tasteful remodel. An excellent selection of foods and competitive prices make shopping at Ken’s Market a big favorite with shoppers in the area.

Ken’s legacy expanded to Fremont where he bought Marketime Foods, now owned by his sons, and Ken’s Market on Queen Anne, which Ken sold to his Grandson. 

The Greenwood store is at 7231 – Greenwood Ave N., Tel. 206-784-3470 website: kensmarkets.com

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Play It Again Sam!

Humphrey Bogart uttered those classic lines to Sam, the piano player at Rick’s American Bar, in the classic movie, Casablanca.

Brett Mullholand

At A-1 Piano Sales and Rentals, in the Phinney neighborhood, any pianist, be they professional, casual, neophyte, or a bar performer, can find an exceptional selection of pianos to consider for purchase or rental.  A-1 Piano proudly carries dozens of beautiful instruments, both new and re-built.

Brett Mulholland is the General Manager of A-1, and its sister company, J & J Piano Movers. Brett has been a principle at A-1 for 32 of its 34 years – all at their present location in the heart of Phinney. He is assisted by a top-notch professional crew, and his shy daughter, Alyssa, shown here doing her piano drills.  

Brett states that youngsters beginning piano lessons are an important source of business for him, and A-1 offers attractive rental and rent-to-buy terms to them to help in their initial purchase plans. Many of their used pianos are purchased from members of the “Boomer” generation, who have abandoned their earlier dreams of becoming the next Rachmaninoff. 

A-1 Piano Sales, Rentals and Moving, a long-time friend in the Phinney neighborhood, is located at:  7020-Greenwood Ave N.  Tel. 206-783-7055  website: A-1 Piano Sales and Rentals

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Fall Tune Up Advice


Fall is here and Winter is on the way. It is time to prepare your home for the seasonal weather. Water is the greatest culprit in causing damage to your home – your greatest investment, A few preventive measures and some simple-maintenance can possibly save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

Gutters and Downspouts

The number one point of concern is your gutters and downspouts. Approximately ninety (90!) percent of water leaking into basements or crawls paces is from downspout drains and clogged gutters. Gutters should be sloped towards the downspouts, and downspouts, if not connected to a sewer line, should be directed away from the foundation. Experts will advise a further measure in digging a pit several feet from the house, filling it with gravel, and burying a drain pipe from a downspout, through a trench, into the pit.

Clogged, overflowing gutters are often greatly responsible for water seeping into your home's siding, where the top of the siding meets the soffit. This water will work its way down the inside of the siding and can eventually cause paint peeling and wood rot that is unseen until considerable damage may have occurred. Grab a trowel and a bucket, get up on your ladder and clean those gutters. This isn't a very hard chore, and is critically important, but be extra careful to have your ladder anchored properly.

The Roof

Check your roof for damaged or missing shingles. Inspect around all roofing penetrations and flashing. Most leaks occur around chimney flashing, so check closely. A sloped roof can be very slippery, wet or dry, so consider hiring a professional for this job. A few dollars spent here could prevent expensive future leaks, and keep you out of the hospital!

Windows, Doors and Misc.

Check all windows and doors frames for gaps on the sides and especially around the top. Caulk all gaps with a good sealer. Do the same with all siding joints. Prime and paint all bare wood. Keep dirt at least 6 inches away from any contact with siding. Make certain that vents to the crawl space and attic are screened with adequate screening to keep pests out.

If you are in need of professionals to accomplish any of these jobs, or other chores around the house, give me a call. I have a good selection of people I can refer you to.

Now, have a great cozy and dry winter in knowing that your house is prepared for the worst that the weatherman can throw at you!



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Let There Be Light

The lights are always bright at Luxe Lighting, where more than just lamps are available for lighting and decorating needs.
Owners Marva Lougee and Kristine Kyle offer professional services to their clients, including expert home consultations, restorations, and a wide selection of lamps and fixtures. Marva and Kristine gained their expertise in ten years as employees at their store, which was formerly known as Antique Lighting. They purchased the business a year ago and changed their name to Luxe Lighting Co.
This well established business features hand-blown fixtures made by local artists, paper fixtures from Kozo, a highly regarded manufacturer, as well as an extensive inventory of lamps and light fixtures to suit everyone's taste. 

Luxe Lighting

A favorite of Phinney and Greenwood shoppers, Luxe Lighting is located at 8214 – Greenwood Ave N. Tel. 206-457-8535

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Party, Party, Party!

In the midst of the happily busy Phinney Ridge neighborhood, stands the happily busy store called Metropolis, doing their happy business for 31 years on Greenwood Avenue N.

Metropolis is owned and operated by Terry Heisman, a 34 year resident of Phinney/Greenwood. He puts in long hours, seven days a week, enjoying serving the community with a remarkable selection of greeting cards, novelties, party favors, gift wrap, helium balloons, and fine European soaps. With hundreds of varied items all through the store, Metropolis is a fun place to browse and shop.

A favorite for shoppers at Metropolis is the remarkable selection of greeting cards, with designs for reasons from condolences, to invitations, to congratulations.

Terry and Metropolis are located at 7321-Greenwood Ave N. Tel: 206-782-7002



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It’s All Right Here!

In 1950, The Greenwood Hardware Store opened under the name of  “Gowan Greenwood Hardware”, named after the original owner. The business grew and prospered and is still going strong today , 62 years later at its original address.  

The present owner is Mike Radice. Mike retired in 1999 from his former profession of product development in Asia, and moved into the Greenwood neighborhood. With no prior experience in the hardware business, he shortly bought the Hardware Store and is celebrating his 13th year in the store this month.

The store is delightfully  crammed full of every conceivable hardware and houseware item one could imagine, and boasts an impressive line of plants and garden tools. Mike somewhat pioneered the idea of “Green” products at his store. He sells organic fertilizer, organic mulch and organic peat moss, as well as a “Green” non-envronmentally damaging house paint.  Hot water tanks are a major selling item for the store. Currently, Mike is in the process of expanding and remodeling the building to recapture the look of the original building from the early 50’s.  

Greenwood Hardware has become a beloved fixture in the Greenwood neighborhood. It is located at 7201 Greenwood Ave N., Tel. 206-783-2900, website: greenwoodhardware.com

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Mmmm, Smell The Garlic!


As one walks up Greenwood Avenue near 85th St, a delighful pungent aroma of garlic and cooking meat fills the nostrils. It is compelling to follow the scent to its source, and there, one will find Mr. Gyros.  

Mr. Gyros is an award-winning restaurant serving authentic Mediterranean food. The tiny place arguably seats 13 around a narrow counter and small tables. A happier place you won't find. 

Celebrating 10 years at their location this month, Mr. Gyros is owned by Sammy and Joni Arsheed. The brothers earned their graduate diplomas at U.W., traveled for a short time, then decided to return to their home neighborhood, Greenwood. They has an idea to do something different for a living, and calling upon their Greek heritage, opened Mr. Gyros. They are hands-on owner-operators, and do everything from sweepng the floor to designing and cooking their many Mediterranean specialties.

Mr. Gyros has won several prestigious awards for their food, including: "Seattle's Best Gyro", "Best Take Out Place", "Best Sandwich" and in the "Top 50" of restaurants. They credit their success in that area to the fact that every item on their menu is authentic Mediterranean. Sammy says that their top sellers are the Lamb and Beef Gyro, and the Chicken Schawera.

Mr. Gyros boasts a fiercely loyal clientele and is an extremely popular Greenwood fixture at their 8411 Greenwood Ave N address. website: www.mrgyroseattle.com Tel. 206-706-7472 









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